IPFone Hosted PBX is an integrated voice and data solution that delivers next-generation voice technology over a proven reliable broadband connection coupled with a company-wide web portal, and quality service and support.
IPFone Hosted PBX is based on voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP), a method by which voice is digitized and transmitted in digital packets rather than using traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the traditional phone network which American tax dollars built over the last 100 years and, depending on whose territory you are in, is currently maintained by large telecommunication companies. VoIP uses something called a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) over the same Internet path that you use to view web pages. The Internet moves your voice packet just like it would move a data packet.
Yes, our intelligent technology recognizes voice traffic and will prioritize the ‘voice packets’ over data packets to ensure quality. IPFone Hosted PBX also offers the VoIP Gateway, a converged network appliance, which is a traffic grooming device that manages the bandwidth pipe. The VoIP gateway’s main goal is to groom the pipe so quality of voice calls is kept at a high threshold. If the VoIP Gateway detects any loss in the quality of voice, it throttles the amount of bandwidth being used for data, to allow more bandwidth for voice and ensure high-quality voice.

With IPFone Hosted PBX, voice service levels are fully guaranteed and SLA-backed and are coupled with a T1 circuit 99.99% uptime guarantee. A business’ core voice networks include multiple backbones, peering exchanges, and direct private connections to transit providers and transit peers to ensure speed and reliability.
• T1 circuit availability is better than 99.99% GUARANTEED (SLA-backed)
• Overall voice service levels are fully guaranteed and SLA-backed.
• IPFone SLA includes all aspects of the phone system (lines, inbound/outbound calling, v-mail, portal), not only the line. While the PSTN line availability may be high, it is not guaranteed and will not cover any hosted v-mail, PBX or power outages.
• Edge IP network is fully maintained as a phone network.
• Core Voice network includes fully redundant facilities and multiple network routing options for disaster recovery purposes (the beauty if IP).
At the premises, most PBX implementations yield downtime in case of power failures. Similar mitigation techniques (backup power) and more (powered Ethernet) are available to IPFone customers.

Yes. Voice traffic is carried to and from the PSTN over the IPFone’s private broadband network and our partners’ networks without ever touching the public Internet, therefore data privacy is ensured which removes the worry of eavesdropping and hacking.
Your calling is not restricted. IPFone Hosted PBX allows end-users to call anyone with a 10-digit telephone number and if international dialing is activated for their DID, end-users can call anywhere in the world. Using a Softswitch, an Application Program Interface (API), the traditional PSTN and VoIP network are bridged. A Softswitch allows calls placed on the PSTN to reach recipients on the IPFone Hosted PBX network and vice versa.
The voice-over IP market demands that voice technology be integrated with proven high-quality data solutions. IPFone brings the voice-over IP market 10 years experience providing Local, Long Distance and Broadband services. IPFone has been serving our growing business customer-base with premier business services including T1 & ADSL connections.
IPFone Hosted PBX offers an extensive standard set of Class-5 features as well as voicemail, web and audio conferencing, and long distance.
Yes! IPFone Hosted PBX has the technology to port existing telephone numbers. This enables businesses to continue using their existing telephone numbers with their IPFone Hosted PBX account.
Yes. IPFone Hosted PBX is perfect for businesses with multiple locations. Because a businesses’ PBX capabilities are hosted and multiple communication services converge into one web-based application, businesses get complete flexibility and seamless control over multiple locations. The OA web interface allows administrators to quickly set up new employees with local numbers and users can ramp up with training guides at their convenience.
On-net calling refers to calls that originate from, and terminate on, an IP end-point on the IPFone Hosted PBX network. An On-net call remains IP for its duration and does not require a connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Calls placed on-net are free which dramatically reduces long distance costs for businesses with multiple locations.
Off-net calling is IPFone Hosted PBX calls that originate on the IPFone network but terminate on the PSTN.
With IPFone Hosted PBX, International calling can be controlled by the administrator for any DID directly from the web tool. Also, unlike International long distance carriers who depend on call revenue for operational costs, IPFone Hosted PBX does not depend on your call charges and is able to offer the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost.
No. Please contact our IPFone Hosted PBX representatives today for further information.
The web interface provides a user-friendly way to manage features within the IPFone Hosted PBX account. Administrators and end-users have controlled role-based access to the voice application, which allows them to manage advanced phone features like voicemail preferences and phone settings from any computer, anytime. With the administrator access, adds/moves/changes occur with a few clicks, features are adapted, and calling restrictions may be set.
With IPFone Hosted PBX, adds/moves/changes are quickly and seamlessly performed through the web portal, with no hard wiring or adjusting of cables. IPFone Hosted PBX also allows moves, adds and changes to be handled by your office administrator, freeing up valuable IT resources.
Yes, next-generation voice technology allows employees to virtually take their desk anywhere; whether working from home or on the road, employees won’t miss a beat.
IPFone Hosted PBX equipment integrates with your current LAN and telephony infrastructure. Contact a IPFone Hosted PBX Representative today to understand what kind of equipment may be required for deployment.
Depending on what type of phones your organization currently has, you may or may not be required to purchase new phones to deploy IPFone Hosted PBX. Contact a IPFone Hosted PBX Representative today to understand what kind of equipment may be required.
Because IPFone Hosted PBX is a hosted PBX service, it eliminates the need to maintain a traditional PBX system. With a hosted PBX system, moves/adds/changes are quickly and seamlessly performed through the web portal, with no hard wiring or adjusting of cables.
Applicable taxes are billed and collected on services and equipment. Taxes are applied based on the jurisdiction in which the service is being provided.
A regulatory recovery surcharge of $0.99 applies to each phone number. IPFone uses this fee to pay our regulatory-related fees and expenses, including taxes, number portability charges, and related legal fees.
This fee was established by the Federal Communication Commission. It provides relief for schools, libraries, and rural health care corporations. Rate change quarterly based. For more information please visit www.fcc.gov.
Each month you will see only the following charges:
• Monthly Service Fee: Your rate plan’s monthly charge.
• Directory Assistance: Only 0.99 per call.
• Overage Charges: Minutes in excess of those included with your rate plan. (If applicable)
• International Calls: Calls placed to international locations. (If applicable)
• State/Local Taxes and Fees: Taxes will vary based on your location.
• Universal Service Fund Fee: This fee was established by the Federal Government. It provides relief for schools, libraries, and rural health care corporations.
• Regulatory Recovery Fee: 99c for each phone number on your account
• E911 Cost Recovery: Emergency 911 Cost Recovery of $0.99 applies to each line of service.

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